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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Music Spotlight: Shannon Pelcher Debuts 'Tightrope'

Shannon Pelcher Releases Debut
Today’s musicians are wise enough to channel
the talent of music Gods that lay before them,
and let the music that they create shine with
inspiration from these legends. Shannon
Pelcher welcomes the voices of the past,
letting them gently echo in her past--but don’t
be fooled. Pelcher roots herself in the present
day, growing a style that is all her own.
The recipe of Pelcher’s debut EP consists of elements from many musical eras, cooked into the
modern day singer/songwriter’s storytelling traditions. Her voice blends the strong smoothness
of Billie Holiday with inflections of today’s fierce females, wearing a present day edge with soul.
The guitar arrangements volley between chipper and bluesy, complimented by colorful piano
lines and tasteful horn arrangements. Strong drum beats and bass walks serve as percussion
that’s present, but not intrusive. The solo project is supported by a rotating supporting cast of
New York and Philadelphia’s finest musicians.
Spanning decades, the album has a genuine interpretation of an era that she never lived.
Pelcher keeps open a direct, personal like to her past, channeling her great grandmother. Grace
Gillespie, or "May Grace," was a vaudeville performer, creating a name for herself in an aweinspiring
era of high caliber talent, and raising five children. Sadly, she died at an early age,
leaving Pelcher on the hunt for her history.
“By incorporating some of the jazz elements that were present in her performance, I keep her
story with me, even if I'm not sure of the ending” says Pelcher.
Her single, “Tightrope,” is based on Collum McCann’s "Let The Great World Spin" a 9/11
allegory using Phillip Petit’s tightrope walk between the Twin Towers. It’s smooth melody, touch
of horns, and pensive lyrics confront the consequence of risk, and how much harsher those
consequences are when we don’t fully commit ourselves to what’s ahead.

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(Provided by Modern vintage recordings.)

Listen Now here!


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