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Friday, May 25, 2012

Night Sky by Jolene B. Perry Blog Tour [Review]

I am so happy to be  part of the Night Sky Blog Tour today! I was really excited when Tribute Books contacted me to be a part of this blog tour since I had read The Next Door Boys and loved it. I was more than happy to read this book and review it for the blog tour. Everyone I hope you will give a big welcome to Jolene B. Perry because she is fantastic.


Night Sky by Jolene B. Perry

Jameson’s heart was broken by his best friend Sarah, who he had been in love with for years, but never had the courage to tell her.  That same night, he met Sky, a beautiful, seemingly carefree college girl. Her rule was honesty, and Jameson abided, finding honesty invigorating and addictive, but he was shocked when he discovered she had been breaking her biggest rule. Sky’s secret was so big, it changed everything, but Jameson couldn’t just forget about her because he was already in love with her.

This was the second book I have read by Jolene B. Perry, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first, Next Door Boys. This was a fantastic, fast-paced read, and I had to keep turning the pages for more. I was captured by the story, which was narrated by Jameson, the lead male character. This is the first book I have read fully in a male’s perspective, and I didn’t mind it at all.

The characters felt very real to me, and I really liked Jameson. It was really nice being in the guy's head this time instead of the girl's; it was different and a nice change from the normal, especially being a contemporary romance. Jameson is a genuinely nice guy that gets a lot of stuff thrown at him his senior year, and I thought this made him easy to relate to, even as a girl. He seemed very real and the issues he struggled with could happen to anyone.

The author is wonderful at making the words flow in her books. In both books, I found it easy to get lost in her writing and to become so entranced in her story that I found myself done with the book before I knew it.  When this happens, then the author is doing something right, and I hope she keeps doing it. I really look forward to reading more of her work in the future.

I received this book from Tribute Books for review. Thank you very much, Tribute Books; I really enjoyed Night Sky.

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Jolene Perry's Bio:
Jolene grew up in Wasilla, Alaska. She graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in political science and French, which she used to teach math to middle schoolers.

After living in Washington, Utah and Las Vegas, she now resides in Alaska with her husband, and two children. Aside from writing, Jolene sews, plays the guitar, sings when forced, and spends as much time outside as possible.

She is also the author of The Next Door Boys and the upcoming Knee Deep.

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    1. Any time :) Thank you for having me on the tour. This was a great read!


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