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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Masquerade Read Along: Chapters 8-16

Chapters 8-16 Discussion Questions
1. Sam is admittedly drawn to Heven before they even meet. Why do think this is?

He says she just seemed peaceful and happy. I guess sometimes you can just be drawn to someone and I'm sure the fact that she was pretty didn't hurt. I don't really have a great answer for this though.
2. In an earlier chapter The Hope states that Sam must prove himself. During these chapters Sam does some things – bad things – (covering up murder, fighting, hiding a body, etc.) all to protect Heven and his true identity. Do you think he was right to do these things?

I understand protecting Heven and trying to conceal his true identity but I don't think he should have covered up murder/ hid the body. He didn't kill her and it wasn't his fault so I'm not sure why he would be questioned if he just found her. The girls family and friends deserved to know what happened to her instead she was being reported as a run away. I don't think that is right but I can also see why he did it and him being afraid.
3. In chapter twelve Kimber says some thing’s to Heven that make the reader wonder about their friendship. Do you think there is any truth Kimber’s drunken confessions? If so where do you think Heven and Kimber’s friendship goes from here?

I agree with what Heven says about drinking just makes the truth come out. I'm not sure if Kimber is a real friend or not or if she was just frustrated and angry. She is a girl that loves the spotlight and didn't want it taken away.  I think her outburst was mean and selfish. I feel as Heven gets closer to Sam that her "friendship" with Kimber gets weaker.
4. Heven is changing, becoming more confident. Do you think that after something like this (her accident and disfigurement) happens to someone that she can ever go back to the person she was before? Do you think she will want to?

I think it depends on the person, I can see she is getting more confident but not as much as she could be. I think she would like to be the person she was before but I think once someone goes through something like that you can't really ever go back to how it was before.
5. Toward the end of these set of chapters, Heven finds out Sam’s secret, who he really is. She has a strong reaction. Do you think you would react the same way? Why or why not?

If I loved them the way she says she loves Sam then I think I would have handled it a little better and tried to listen instead of shutting him down. I probably would have freaked out also, I won't deny that. I wouldn't have tried to jump off of a balcony to get away from him though. I think he had already proved that he wasn't going to hurt her, if he wanted her dead she would have been dead already.


  1. "The girls family and friends deserved to know what happened to her instead she was being reported as a run away." YES!!! So true! I just don't get that part. Mostly because as a mom I'd want to know about my baby girl. But, I guess I can kind of understand Sam and his thinking. It's just that my mom side wins out. :D

    And I totally agree that the closer Kimber gets to Sam the weaker her friendship with Kimber gets. As an outsider, I can see that this is kind of a good thing. Normally I don't like when boys over rule friends, but Kimbers a witch. I think that Heven is better than that. Even if she whines a lot. LOL!

    And, RIGHT?! Who jumps off a balcony. She totally overreacted!

  2. Wow! Great answers. I also think that Kimber and Heven seem to be drifitng apart the closer Sam and Hev get.

    Sometimes people are just drawn to each other and thats the way it is - very true.

    :-) thanks for being part of the Read Along!

  3. Mm-hmm... Sam went down a few notching in my eyes when he hid that body and let her family and friends think she ran away. That really bothered me.

  4. Great answers. I am agree that there is some realty in the what came out of Kimber's mouth when the alcohol loosened her lips.

  5. Great answers, love! I agree with all points. Ohh, that Kimber really gets me! With friends like that, who needs enemies?? Grrrr!

  6. Yeah Kimber seems to be selfish and love the spotlight. I would have freaked out too but probably not tried to jump off a balcony lol

  7. I agree about covering up the murder. Sam wasn't involved, and hiding the body is going to make things worse for the girls family. I could never do that to someone. They have hope that she might one day just walk in the front door, and without the closure of her death they will never really be able to grieve and move on. Sam should not have subjected them to this.


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