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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Masquerade Read Along: Chapters 24-31

Chapters 24-31
Final discussion questions
1. Heven develops a new “supernatural power”. She remarks that it isn’t that exciting of a power. Is this a power you would like to have, if not what kind of supernatural power would you like to have?
The power or auras would probably drive me nuts especially if I couldn't turn it off.  I'm not entirely sure what kind of power I would like, maybe to read minds or something like that.
2. Which character do you think makes the biggest internal change throughout the course of this book?  Is there a situation in your life that you can reflect back on as an experience that changed your life for the better?
I think Heven probably had the biggest internal change. It wasn't huge but she did begin to have more courage and hid less as time went on. She also learned what it meant to love someone and care about them more than herself.
3. Who is your favorite character and why?
Sam for the most part because he does everything he can to protect Heven. He also thinks she is beautiful with or without the scars and wasn't embarrassed to be with her like others may have.
4. When the book ends the reader has an idea of what the next book will involve. Do you think the book ended in the appropriate place? 
The end was a little weird but I think it ended in a good spot. 
5. Do you have any predictions for the next book in the series, Charade?
I think that we will find out a lot more about Sam's brother and whether Heven is right to be apprehensive about him. We will also probably find out more about Heven's destiny and possibly more powers she will acquire. I don't have any specific expectations or scenes I'm looking for.
6. Did you enjoy participating in this read along?  Will you join in future read alongs? 
Yes because it made me think more critically about the book and also made me think about things I wouldn't have without having to answer the questions.


  1. Great answers this week!! I can certainly see why you chose Sam as a favorite! He is a great character. But I am biased. LOL.
    I think the power of seeing aura's would be overwhelming but I'm not sure if mind reading would be any easier. I don't know if I want to know what everyone is thinking all the time!! LOL.
    thank you so much for participating in the read along its been so fun. I can hardly beleive that next week is the final post.

  2. Well mind reading would be good if you can turn it on and off, otherwise it might be like auras and give you headaches. I really liked Heven's growth as well. Sam is just a good guy, right. I am glad you enjoyed the read along and yes it does make you think a little more critically. Plus I love comparing answers. Thanks for participating Christie.

  3. Great answers, lovely! I'm glad you had fun participating in the read-along! Mwah! <3

  4. Sam is my fav character too. I truly loved him. :) Loved reading his POV. I also think that any power would be overwhelming without control. Great answers this week! :)

  5. Like you, I especially enjoyed the read along because it gave me an avenue to really see things in a way that I may not have otherwise. Great answers.


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