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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Divergent by Veronica Roth Review

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Beatrice never felt like she fit in her faction. She grew up as an Abnegation but was not completely selfless like the others.  She wasn’t sure she could live as an Abnegation for the rest of her life, now that she had turned 16 it was time for her to be tested for what faction she was destined for. Finding out she was Divergent complicated things a lot more.  Not only did she have more choices for which faction she could choose, she was in danger if anyone found out.

Veronica Roth created a new dystopian world in Divergent where people are in Factions. When they turn 16 they are tested to see what faction they belong in but a lot of the time they stay in the faction they grew up in. It is rare that someone is
Divergent, the term used for people that are compatible with multiple factions.

This book was absolutely amazing. I had Divergent on my to be read list since it came out but just read it. It was gifted to me from my friend Michele from A Belle’s Tales. One thought I had as I read it was, “Why did I wait so long!” I was completely sucked into this world.  The pages kept turning until I finished and screamed for more.

The author did a wonderful job with the plot and the characters. She created vivid images and created characters that will stick with me. She made me feel like I was in the world she created. There is no time to be bored while reading, between the action and the heart stopping moments. Tris’s  (Beatrice) courage throughout the story is remarkable and admirable.

This was a great dystopian read and I really look forward to reading Insurgent when it comes out.

Thank you Michele for sending me this book! I’m in love.

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  1. Loved this book and would die to get my hands on Insurgent. Come on who doesn't want to find out if more happens with Tobias?

    1. Me too! I agree I would die to get my hands on Insurgent, waiting 48 more days seems flipping unimaginable ahhhh! Oh Tobias how I love thee!

  2. Yayyy! I'm so happy you loved this one! This is still my #1 favorite book of all time. Four makes me SWOON!! You are most welcome, and I am so glad you enjoyed it! Love you! <3

    1. hehe it is deff one of my top pics also now :) AGREE Four is amazing SWOOOOOOOON! Love you too :) hehe thank you thank you thank you


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