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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tell me Something Tuesday (5)

Welcome to Cambria Hebert’s weekly meme Tell Me Something Tuesday where she asks you something and you tell her the answer!! It’s as simple as that!

Question: How do you feel about love triangles?

I think it depends on the book. Sometimes they add some good tension but sometimes they just drive me nuts especially when I want specific people to be together. Many books I have read have had them like Twilight, Moon Called, Evernight, Hunger Games well and about every book it seems like now that I am thinking. Sometimes the love triangles are not too series where it is one outside person that wants someone and they never end up together or sometimes they do. It does make for a good story and keeps you engrossed and sometimes you can't predict what will happen which is good. I think as I'm answering this I'm realizing I have a real love hate relationship with them.


  1. Sounds like you are on the fence on this. I fell off that fence awhile ago, as you pointed out in your post, look at all the series with them. I think we need a reprieve! Thanks for doing TMST!

    1. haha I know I have issues deciding sometimes :-P I see your point also. I'll probably completely hate them soon enough. no problem they are fun :) thanks for the response!

  2. Yes, I think a love hate relationship with love triangles is a great term. I feel that way to someties and you know I didn't even think about the Evernight series and its love triangle! I loved Balthazar he is so awesome..... *swoons* LOL. Thanks for joining in TMST it was fun!!!

    1. haha thanks :) It works for me hehe. I'm glad I remembered one you didn't think of. :-P there are so many I'm sure I didn't think of. I Love Evernight I really need to get caught up on that series. Balthazar is pretty awesome I can'r wait for his book :) You are welcome the questions ate fun!


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