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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Michelle Madow is asking for your help on Tour!

Michelle Madow is asking for our help! 25 Lucky US Cities get to welcome Michelle Madow and her amazing book Remembrance. Unfortunately I'm not one of them this time but maybe in the next tour! I would still like everyone to know about it and help Michelle Madow in any way that you can. You can visit her post and pitch about helping her on her tour here. Traveling is expensive and she needs support to do so and is asking to spread the word and for donations. With donations you receive some awesome stuff in return, so if helping this awesome author isn't enough justification, you get some awesome stuff so that should help for insinuative. Do you like autographed books? I know I do! With a $15 donation you will receive: Blog Recognition, a signed book mark and Remembrance Signed. How awesome is that!? I think a 15$ donation is so worth it! I loved Remembrance it was such a great book! you can read my review here. You can also get different package with different price point donations.

My way of helping this fantastic author is to spread the word to you awesome reader and bloggers. Unfortunately I don't have money right now to support financially but that isn't stopping me from helping her in the ways that I can. Follow this link and help out Michelle any way you can. The post explains the Tour and the donations a lot more.

Interested in getting your hands on a copy of Remembrance?

You can win a e-book copy from me for my Project Tell Taylor Giveaway. Project tell taylor is another way you can help and support Michelle by helping her reach Taylor Swift to show her how much she inspired her. You can also see Michelle Madow's awesome giveaway package for this giveaway hop here.

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