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Monday, February 13, 2012

Hottest Boys in Books

Priscilla the Great Blog

The Author of Pricilla the Great is hosting an awesome giveaway. Talk about the hottest boys in books and you could win a Kindle Fire! I could totally use one of these and that is pretty hot!

Are you ready for another amazing giveaway?! Well, it's here. Priscilla's Hottest Boys in Books giveaway. All you have to do to participate is tell me about your favorite hottie (boy or girl)...who lives in a book. So go ahead and fill out the form to enter. Then add your blog post about your hottie to the linky below. Feel free to give away a copy of the book with your hottie as well. If your blog is on the Linky below, you'll get 10 extra entries! As  courtesy, please visit the other blogs in the hop to learn about their favorite hotties.

Hottest boys in Books
I have seriously been thinking about this for some time and it is honestly hard to pick. I have a ton of favorite fictional Hotties! I think I’m going to have to talk about a few because I can’t decide on one. I stopped at 2 and also shared my friends response but I have many more Swoon Worthy men!

My first hottie is Jace from the mortal instruments series by Cassandra Clare. He is cocky and full of himself, very self assured. He is a strong shadowhunter with a muscular physic that any girl would love to stare at. He has the golden blonde hair; yes it is always the blondes…  Though he has a tough exterior he ends up letting Clary penetrate it, oh how love can change a man. He becomes more likable as a person when he is with Clary and not as much like an arrogant jerk. Even with his arrogant qualities he is HOT.

Next is Adam from the Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs. He is the sexy werewolf next door neighbor of Mercy Thompson, swoon, sigh. He is a werewolf so he is temperature hot, yes this is the man that will keep you warm in a snow storm. He is witty and funny but serious when having to do with serious business. 


Awwww poor kitty! Although knowing Adam he won’t actually eat the cat, and he totally petted her before sending her back.
He is Dominant and very powerful being the Alpha of his pack, another sign that you are pretty safe around him. Werewolves are built very well, and even though you would be drawn to him because of his dominance he is quite nice to look at.
I would love to curl up with this swoon worthy guy!!!!

Showing that I had been thinking about this and I talked about it with my good friend Katie. She ended up posting her thought on facebook. Here it is.

OK!!!! sooo, I was hanging with my friend Christie Cote tonight and we got talking about book like we usually do, and she asked me, "who would be your book boyfriend?" you know the one. the one that always makes you sigh like a love-sick school girl? well christie, I’ve been thinking long and hard about this!!!
i would have to go with (drum roll please) Samuel Cornick, doctor, third most dominant werewolf in north America. I mean, great smile, awesome personality, plays the violin, and probably abs for days (just sayin'). oh yea, did I mention he's probably over three hundred years old? did i ALSO mention he speaks welsh(and probably several other languages)? (you know how i love those accents) like seriously?? who wouldn't want to snuggle up with that?!? ;-)


  1. i agree with adam ^^ and samuel but i haven't read any cassandra clare yet so on that part i can't agree or disagree

    all the best

  2. Nice post!!! Swoon! Jace is certainly 'Rawr,' but you haven't read Divergent yet. Four would get my vote! Hehe! I will definitely be checking out the other book! Thanks for a great post, love! <3

  3. Thanks for playing. Yeah, there are so many hotties to choose from it's tough to pick. That's why I'm cheating and choosing one each day!

  4. YAY for Adam and Samuel both great hot men :)

    Cheles- Thanks love ;) It was fun I'm sure I will think of more stuff to add later hehe :) I can't wait to read Divergent eeep that i next!

    Priscilla- Great giveaway happy to join... hope I win hope I win! hehe that is a great plan :)Thanks for the great giveaway.


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