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Friday, January 27, 2012

TGIF (5)

TGIF at GReads- This Feature is for Fridays to re-cap the week's post & to answer a question from GReads.

Question: Buy or Borrow: Where do your books that you read come from? The bookstore? The library? Do you prefer to own a book, or have it on loan?

I have to buy my books. I don't use a library because I don't like giving books back. The library would end up banning me haha. I sometimes will borrow from a friend who is telling me I need to read a book but then most of the time I end up buying it anyways. I used to buy from Borders all the time because I worked there. I had a pretty awesome discount but now they are gone :(. Now I buy most of my books from Bull Moose Music which is a local chain in Maine. They began carrying books this past year and expanded the store for them. Awesome! I already had loved to shop there for movies and music because they always had good prices. They sell Used product so most of the time I could get what i wanted even cheaper. They do the same with the books. They sell new books as well which are always 35% publishers price. Awesome! I love great deals on books! It I also a great store and everyone is always very nice when I go in. A lot of them no me personally from going in there so much. If you live in Maine check it out! You can also order from their website.

When I get e-books I get them from Barnes and Noble. I have a nook and I love it, still love real books more but when I have e-books to read I love my nook. I have the older white e-ink model. I probably won't upgrade until it dies because It works great and does what I want it to do.

What you may have missed on my blog this week:



  1. Hi, Christie!

    Oh, how I miss Borders!! You were lucky to work there!! It's too bad they're now gone... But it's great that you can now get your books, discounted, at Bull Moose Music! I wish I lived up in Maine...I'm way down in Miami, Florida...

    Anyway, I'm glad you can still get your books!!

    Happy Friday!! : )

    Maria @

  2. Maria- I know. I wasn't a fan of the customer service part but boy do I miss the discount and those books. It sucks they couldn't keep the store in maine because it was one of the top stores in the entire chain... we were doing fine! Other stores not so much. Hey at least it i warm there :-P hehe and like I said you can order online. The books should still be discounted on there ;) Thank you for commenting! happy Friday!

  3. That store sounds amazing!! I just found a local book store here that I can't wait to check out. Love what you said about being banned from the library - same here!!! Another great post! :D

  4. It is :) I love it, it's like my favorite place to shop hehe :) yay for finding a local book store I hope it is awesome :) hehe right. I mean a true book lover just can't give books back :-P When i worked at borders I could borrow books and read them for two weeks and I barely ever took advantage of that because I don't like time limits and I just don't like giving them back haha so I'd end up buying them anyways :-P Thank you glad you liked it!

  5. Hi, again, Christie! There were two Borders stores here in Miami, each about 20 minutes away (by car). One of them was at my favorite mall -- the Dolphin Mall, which has a lot of cool stores. I used to love going to dinner there with my husband, and then going into the store to browse...and I would always walk out with at least one book, to hubby's dismay. Hee, hee! Now there's some stupid costume shop in that space. And I'm not so thrilled about going to that mall anymore! Lol.

    I'm definitely going to check out the Bull Moose website. Thanks for posting it!

    And by the way...we sure could use a little snow down here when the temperature hits 90+!! (I've never even seen snow in my life...) Lol.

    Have a GREAT weekend!! : )

  6. Aww I'm sorry to hear that :( It totally ruined your tradition. I like never leave a book store without a book either lol. it stinks a lame place went in place of it. At least another book store went in mine so it is there when I want to brows plus I get to visit some of my old co-workers that now work there. I hope you can find anew awesome book store about being thrilled to go there so you can do dinner and books again~ that is the best!!! Oh dang! well come down here around this time and you will get snow hehe. that is really hot I would probably melt :-P

    You have a great weekend also eeep!


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