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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Return to Mercya by Mark Ruckledge Review

Return to Mercya by Mark Ruckledge

Return to Mercy is a short fantasy story that is only the first installment to a larger story.
Brendel Domia escaped the destruction of Mercya and found safety in a place called Ayethene. Years later everyone from Mercya was summoned from their various hiding places to go back. Brendel finds out before long that this is a trap to take out the rest of the people of Mercya and he might be the one able to save the people and overrun the evil that now resides there.

Mark Ruckledge contacted me and asked me to review his short story. I accepted and he sent me the e-book.
This was a promising start to a larger story. It was very clear that this was just the beginning. I felt that at 22 (nook) pages it was hard to get a grasp on the story because, it was an all-new world for me. I personally wish that the author would have continued the story and made a book with the whole story instead of just the short story. I think I would have gotten a better grasp of the story that way.

This book was like another world for me. I was learning new names and places that I haven’t read about before. I felt like I was just getting comfortable with the story when it ended. That is another reason it would be beneficial for the author to write it as an entire book. With an original piece like this, I like to have more then 
22(nook) pages to get to know the story, characters and world.

The author uses language well to create the scenes in the story that he wants you to see. He uses great details in places but in some places I felt the story needed more. One instance that needed to be talked about more is Brendel and Jil’s relationship. I didn’t see very much of it and all of a sudden I was being told certain things happened without seeing them in the story and became confused. I was thinking, “Umm…how did that happen?” I felt like I was locked out from part of the story. I wanted and needed to see the details of the relationship because I think it was suppose to be important to Brendel, but it wasn’t clearly shown in the story. I think the author may not have touched on it much because it was a short story.

I look forward to reading more of this series and finding out what happens. The story shows promise and I think I will like it more as a whole.


  1. Great review, Christie!! The author really does create an intriguing world in his story. I'm eager for the rest of the book! Nice job, love! <3

  2. Thanks Cheles! I agree I just needed more hehe. I'm a picky girl. I honestly think when he comes out with the next part I'll be even more into because I was finally beginning to get used to the world when it ended. <3


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