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Friday, January 27, 2012

Rae of Hope by W.J. May

Rae of Hope by W.J. May

Rae survived the death of her parents when she was very young and has lived with her uncle ever since. Her uncle had moved them from England to America and never talked about going back... until Rae received a mysterious scholarship to Guilder, and her Uncle sent her there. Guilder was a special school, and only unique people got in. Rae didn’t feel like she was special and didn’t know why they wanted her. She soon discovered that the school was specifically designed for people that develop special abilities once they turn sixteen. On their birthday, they receive a tattoo that represents the ability they will learn to wield. Rae was thrown into this new world, never being told that she was special by her parents or her uncle. At Guilder, she discovered the truth about her parents and family history. She had to face the mistakes her father made and prove that she was different. Determined when she received her power, she would use it for good, not evil like her father.

I’m sorry, but my fan girl side is going to come out. I absolutely LOVED this book. I mean, crazy yelling, jumping up and down, telling everyone they need to read it love. I devoured it and constantly wanted more. As soon as I finished, my response was, “I need more, and I need more now! Please tell me there is another book in the near future.”  The author was kind enough to assure me before I had a heart attack that there will be a second book coming later this year. YES! Now, I just have to live through the months of withdrawals from this world until I can get my hands on the next book.

The book was beautifully written and was an engrossing incredible read. I was immediately sucked in by the writing. I was learning about the new world along with the character, which was fun. I could easily feel her excitement, anguish, pain, and other emotions along the way.  It was easy to connect with this book and get lost in it, feeling like I was in the story.

The characters were wonderful, and some of them caught me off guard, surprising me. Things happened in the book that I didn’t see coming, which was awesome. (I’m not going to tell you what they are and spoil it; you are just going to have to read it.) I love being surprised, instead of the story being predictable. The author did an amazing job with this. I really look forward to reading other works by this author, especially the sequel to this book. If you haven’t read this book, READ IT!

I entered a giveaway to win this book and was promptly contacted by the author. She asked me if I would be interested in reviewing a copy of this book. I thought the story sounded very interesting, so I was really excited to be asked to review a copy for her and excitedly accepted the request. Thank you, W.J. May!

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  1. Christie,
    This review is amazing!!! Great job! I started this book tonight, and I am even more excited about reading it thanks to this awesome review. This author is extremely nice and very talented. Thank you so much for telling me about her and her book! <3

  2. Thanks for the fantastic review! Much appreciated and I'm so glad you enjoyed Rae! There's more to come :) I promise!!

  3. Cheles- Thank you so much love :) I'm so glad you are starting it and can't wait to hear what you think!!! I hope you love it as much as I did eeeeep! I agree the author is super nice and awesome!!! You are welcome :) I love sharing my love of books!

    W.J. May- You are very very welcome. You earned it with your awesome book. hehe I cannot wait!, no really.. I CANNOT wait... :-P hehe Thanks for reassuring me hehe.

  4. What a wonderful review Christie. I liked the lines about you jumping up and down and yelling! Too cute! I definitely need to look into this one! Awesome job on Michele's zombie badge. I wrote up a post and put it on my blog!

  5. Thank you Heidi! hehe well that was how I felt I just loved the book. Oh cool I need to make a post too :) that was very nice of you. thanks for the compliments!

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