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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project Tell Taylor Giveaway

Michelle Madow, the fantastic author of Remembrance is hosting a giveaway called project tell Taylor. Michelle Madow wants to reach Tayor Swift and show her how much her music video Love story inspired her. (click the Love story link to see the music video that started it all) She talked all about it in a blog entry a few months ago, discussing how Remembrance was inspired by Taylor Swift's "Love Story" music videoThe song Teardrops on my guitar also inspired the name for one of the main characters.  I hope this reaches Taylor Swift! I loved the book and I also love Taylor Swift. She is amazing and has also inspired me in life and in my own writing. taylor Swifts song Better than Revenge inspired me to write a poem called Fate based off of my own experiences. You can see this poem on my writing blog my clicking the link.

What Inspires me!:

Those of you that have read enough of my posts may also already know that I have been greatly inspired by my favorite author Lurlene McDaniel. It all started in 7th grade when I picked up the book Six Months to Live and read it well into the night until I finished. That was huge for me at that time. She is the reason why I began writing my own stories and became interested in medical stuff. I would research about leukemia because that was what Six Months to live was about. I was very interested and as I read more of her books I wanted to get involved. I finally was able to grow my hair long enough to donate about a year ago. When I was younger I was saving all of my change to donate to Cancer research, unfortunately life events got in the way that the money ended up having to be used for something else. Now I'm majoring in Nursing so I can personally help people and I specifically want to work with Children with cancer. If not cancer then Children with chronic illnesses. Since that first book it has stuck with me and I hope that I can help children someday and hopefully make their lives better for being there. 

Lurlene McDaniel has had a major impact on my life and I wish I could meet her and tell her what she means to me. I'm very happy to help Michelle Madow and hope that she achieves her goal for this event. She was able to get her story out there and I hope that now she can reach Taylor Swift and show her how much she means to her. I'll probably never get to do that myself but I think Michelle has a really good shot at reaching taylor with our help!

I ask that everyone helps Michelle Madow out and tweet, blog, facebook about this event. I think Taylor Swift will be honored when she find out about Remembrance. She even has a copy waiting for her in her fan mail along with a personal letter from Michelle Madow!

It's been a few months now, and she has yet to hear back from Taylor that she received the letter and book. She really wants to tell Taylor about how inspiring she and her music have been to her, but since Taylor Swift is an international superstar, she’s a little hard to reach. This is where YOUR help comes into play! Michelle is giving away the biggest prize pack she's offered yet, and the ways to enter to win are by telling Taylor Swift about Remembrance.

The Goal: Get Taylor Swift to Tweet about Remembrance!

For more information and to enter  Michelle Madow’s HUGE Remembrance Prize pack go to her Blog post: Project Tell Taylor you can Also enter Michelle Madow's Giveaway with the rafflecopter form before my giveaway at the end of this post.

Michelle Madow's Project tell Taylor Prize Pack:

In Honor of Loving this book so much I’m going to join the giveaway hop and you can enter to win an e-book copy of remembrance from me! Just use the rafflecopter form on the bottom of the post. To win you must be a follower of my blog. Please try to spread the word as much as you can, not only to win the book. Make your own post, tweet about it and make sure to tag Taylor Swift. Michelle Madow has a great tweet to use on her giveaway. This author deserves our help!

Here is my Review of Remembrance by Michelle Madow, which was originally posted here.

Remembrance by Michelle Madow

Summary from Goodreads:
Lizzie Davenport has been reincarnated from Regency Era, England ... but she doesn't know it yet. 

Then Drew Carmichael transfers into Lizzie's high school at the beginning of the year, and she feels a connection to him, almost like she knows him. She can't stop thinking about him, but whenever she tries talking with him about the mysteries behind her feelings, he makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. Reaching him is even more difficult because she has a boyfriend, Jeremy, who has started to become full of himself after being elected co-captain of the varsity soccer team, and her flirtatious best friend Chelsea starts dating Drew soon after his arrival. So why can't she get him out of her mind? 

Even though Lizzie knows she should let go of her fascination with Drew, fighting fate isn't going to be easy.

My Summary:
Lizzie’s life changed as she knew it the moment she saw the new student Drew on the first day of school. She felt a connection with him like she knew him from somewhere but she couldn’t have. Lizzie’s best friend Chelsea took an interest in him and Lizzie was bothered by this. She couldn’t express her feelings because she didn’t understand them herself, not to mention she had a longtime boyfriend, Jeremy. Lizzie and Drew couldn’t fight fate for long before Lizzie had begun seeing flashes from their past lives. She realized they were connected deeper than she could have ever imagined; reincarnation.

This book had me completely entranced. I couldn’t stop turning the pages. Michelle Madow’s words flowed beautifully making it so I couldn’t put it down. It kept my interest from the very beginning and I love it when author’s can do that. There are some great books I have read but it takes at least one hundred pages before the book gets interesting and in that time I can get distracted. When the author completely has me from the very 
beginning I absolutely love that!

I also thought it was really cool that the book was inspired by Taylor Swift’s music video,Love Story. The author saw this video and created the story behind it. That is just awesome. I think if Taylor Swift was to read this book she would be honored. Taylor Swift created a magical music video and Michelle Madow expanded that magic into a whole story.

a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway


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