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Thursday, January 5, 2012

John Connolly at University of Southern Maine

John Connolly was exceptional November 15, 2011. He came to USM (University of Southern Maine) to speak. He had no problem holding the audience’s attention for what he called a lecture. With him speaking it could be called that. He decided to speak about something he thought was important to share; his list of the 20 must read mystery novels. Instead of talking about him-self, which that audience would have been fine with, he chose to speak about other authors and literature that he felt was important.  He decided to do this because he came to realize that a lot of people and a lot of authors have only read current mystery titles. John Connolly is very charismatic and you could feel his passion for these books. He even said, “without some of them he probably wouldn’t be an author”, though I find that hard to believe.

 If you are interested in the list of 20 mysteries you must read before you die, here is the link,
John Connolly is a great public speaker and has this way of speaking that is just captivating. He makes you think and laugh at the same time. He is also very personable when you talk to him. He is appreciative of his audience and fans, not taking it for granted. John Connolly is a remarkable man and author. I have not met anyone like him. He is a bestselling author and nowhere do you find arrogance or superiority over another person. He loves what he does and seems to love the people around him. I would just love to sit and talk to him for hours. 

When I went to get my books signed he said he remembered me from Borders when I asked. He could have just been saying it but I think he actually did. I’m sure it’s hard since he has a ton of fans. He was extremely nice and thanked me for coming and ended up giving me a T-Shirt after talking with him. It was above and beyond any expectations I had. I expected it to be great but he still managed to make it even better.

The Swag I got :)

A Bumper sticker :) I love that John Connolly loves Maine :) The Great Lost Bear is a Maine restaurant... oh yah :)
The T-Shirt He gave me-front and back :)
Pins that shall decorate my school bag ;)

One of the three books I got signed. Some of them were a bit hard to decipher what he wrote :-P

I hope everyone has a chance to meet him at some point!

Check out books by him on Amazon!


  1. What an amazing post! I admit I didn't know anything about this author until you came into my life. After reading the wonderful things you have said about him, I'm definitely adding his books to my TBR...and I'll ask you to pick my first read! :D Great job! <3 <3 <3

  2. Thanks Cheles! I didn't really know about him either until He walked into Borders and I greeted him like an idiot having no clue who he was. He is so awesome though. If he ever pops up near you go meet him! I have only read the Gates by him so far but I plan to read others :) It was an interesting and fun read. :) I'm glad you like my post! <3


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