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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (3)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created  at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they will post a new Top Ten list  that one of their bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish will answer.

Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings

1.  Cast in Ruin by Michelle Sagara
2. You against me by Jenny Downham
3.  Gone by Michael Grant
4. Lying Game by Sara Shepard
5. Deadly Little Lies by Laurie Stolarz
6.  Forgotten by Cat Patrick
7.  Shine by Lauren Myracle
8. Inheritance by Christopher Paolini
9. Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
10. Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan

There are so many books I want it is really hard to pick the ten I want the most! I went through my list and put down the ones I wanted a lot. some of these are on my christmas list and some are not. Are any of these on your list? 

Thanks for visiting my blog. Tell me what you think. Have a great day :)


  1. I've read You Against Me and it's totally fabulous. I really hope you enjoy it when / if you get it. I have Nightshade on my shelf and really need to get to that. And as for Shine, I didn't list it but it's one of the books that I want a chance to read eventually.

    I hope that you have a wonderful day. Merry Christmas!

  2. Immortal Beloved is on my TBR list and I'm currently reading The Lying Game, it's pretty good. I hope you get some if not all the books you want this year. I'm thinking of buying The Goddess Test for myself off of my list, haha. Merry Christmas!

  3. Nightshade is definitely a good book, and I have forgotten on my list as well.

  4. Kathy-great to hear. i read before I die by her and I liked it a lot. Merry Christmas to you too!

    Erin- I have heard immortal beloved is really good. :) I really want to read it at some point. haha I have so many books to read. Thank you :) Merry Christmas!

    Ashley-Glad to hear Nightshade is a good book :) Merry Christmas.

  5. I just The Lying Game and the sequel Never Have I Ever. I really hope she doesn't make it a long series like Pretty Little Liars.

    I also would like to have Nightshade, and I never heard of Deadly Little Lies, so I will have to check that out.

    Here's mine:

    Happy Holidays, Ivy

  6. Great list. I gave Nightshade as a gift to my coworker.

  7. Forgotten is good, I enjoyed that one.

    I've been wanting to read Shine for a little while now.

  8. I loved Forgotten and Nightshade! You have a great list and I hope Santa brings them all. :)

    Merry Christmas

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  9. I have Inheritance and I hope Santa brings it for you too! I haven't read it yet though *eep* because I don't want it to end just yet.

  10. I hope santa brings you Inheritance it looks so good! Great list!
    My Top Ten Tuesday

  11. Shine is my favorite book of 2011! (You can win it if you enter my current giveaway!) Nightshade and Forgotten are amazing too! Great list! I hope Santa brings everything on it! Merry Christmas!

    Karis's Top Ten

    25 Days of Jubilation Giveaway- 3 Winners. International

  12. Ivy- I hope you like them! I have heard they are really good! Deadly little secrets is the first book in the series! i really liked it! Thank you I will check out your list.

    Kristina- yay for gift giving :) very nice :) I have heard it is good! I shall check out your list.

    Lori- glad to hear they are both great! I can't wait to read them and I hope I get them soon :) Merry Christmas I will check out your list!

    Alexa- I loved Eragon. I still need to read the other ones also hehe but I do own them all. Thank you!

    Janiera- Thank you I hope santa brings it also :) I hope you get what you want also :)

    Karis- I went and entered your giveaway! thank you. I would totally love to win it. Merry Christmas!

    1girl- Great to hear i thought it sounded really good! I have had it on my list for a while. I also thought Shine sounded good. :)

  13. Thanks for visiting my Top Ten. Gone looks really good and I want to read it. I have Inheritance and also still need to read it. Hope you get everything you asked for. =]
    My Top Ten

  14. you are welcome and thank you for visiting me :) I have had my eyes on gone for a while and have heard it is really good. I need to read it. I hope you get everything you want also :)

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