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Friday, December 2, 2011

Giveaway and Review of Amazing Adventures of a Nobody!

The Amazing Adventures of a Nobody by Leon Logothetis

Leon decided after watching Motorcycle Diaries to change his life drastically.  He decided to go to New York and travel to California and touch the Hollywood sign. He planned to travel with only five dollars a day and without a car or phone or anything else other than his backpack. To do this he had to depend on the kindness of strangers in a world where we are taught at a young age not to talk to strangers. In a world where every time we turn on the news there is a new person or child missing, someone found dead or abused. We learn to fear what and who we don’t know. Trust a stranger? Yah right! That said, somehow Leon did it. It wasn’t easy but somehow he found a way to convince people to trust and help him. A person who kept to himself was forced to talk to all kinds of people and forge new relationships that changed his life as he knew it.

 I’m a blogger so I was excited to get contacted to hold a contest for this book. I couldn’t say no to this new opportunity even though this book was different from what I normally read. I said to myself, “well, it won’t kill me to branch out.”  I’ll tell you about the contest in a bit.
This book amazed me. I was very impressed and it surpassed my expectations. I was in awe of the people Leon came across and that were so willing to help him. The author wrote his stories in such a way that I couldn’t help but laugh. I loved that aspect a lot. He is a very good story teller and deserves high praise for capturing my attention. The story was inspirational. Leon was very brave to go on this adventure. It was fun going on this journey though his writing, while I stayed safely in my room because I couldn’t do what he did.

Win a Copy of this book!
Beginning today you can enter to win a copy of this book below. The contest will go until December 24, 2011. A great way to begin your Christmas by winning a book! This contest is only open to the United States.  I will notify the winner by email and announce it on my blog. Please respond within 48 hours after I contact you or I will have to choose another winner.
I’m excited that I get to use Rafflecopter for this contest making it a lot easier for both me and the contestants. Click on each section which tells you to do something, like Follow Christie’s Book Reviews. Each one will give you a certain amount of points for your entry. The more you do the better chance you have to win.


  1. Great review and great giveaway! I LOVE being surprised by a book that's different from what I normally read. Those can be the best! ;D

  2. Good review! It's definitely different from my normal read. Going on my TBR list for sure.

    A book I recently enjoyed was Matched by Aly Condie. It's dystopian YA book but awesome!

  3. Chels Bells Thank you for being the first person to enter! Going out of my comfort zone scares me honestly. I like to enjoy what I'm reading and it's not fun when I don't like a book. I was very happy when I ended up loving this book! :) Thank you for the compliment on my review and giveaway also :)

  4. Kara thanks for the compliment on my review! If you enjoy a good adventure and enjoy laughing this is a great book for you! it's way different then what i read too but the book was great! Thanks also for the book recommend that one has been on my TBR list for a while! Glad to hear good things! :) Thanks for showing interest in my review and contest!

  5. Yeah! I'll definitely put it on my TBR list :D I definitely enjoy a book that makes me laugh xD No problem, you got a good blog ^^

  6. Thank you very much! It is a lot of work and am continuously trying to improve it. I have learned a lot and have a lot to learn! :)


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