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Monday, November 21, 2011

Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder Review

Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder
Release Date: December 20, 2011

I’ll begin by saying thank you to Net Galley and Harlequin for approving this advanced reader copy for me to read and review. I’m very appreciative.

A plague ravaged the land. People blamed their misery on the healers, and made them the enemy.  Avery was a healer and every healer had a bounty on their head. Everyone hated them and that is why Avry has been hiding that she is a healer, not staying in one place for very long. She has been on the run for Three years before she gets caught. She couldn’t ignore the dying child anymore. She made a choice even though she knew it would draw attention to her. Avry healed the child and took on those ailments weakening her so that she cannot flee afterward. The next day the town came for her and she attempts to escape but gets trapped. She is not sorry for saving the child, feeling the child’s life was worth her dying. She is saved from being executed. Her savior is a man she doesn’t know named Kerrick. He and his men help her escape but she must heal his friend. She is skeptical but decides it is better than dying. What she didn’t expect to find out is that she is the last healer alive.

I have not read anything else by Maria Snyder yet, but I have had Poison Study on my shelf for a while to read. I do plan to read that in the near future. I have heard great things about the author and also great things about Touch of Power and I was not disappointed. 

I enjoyed getting to know these characters and learning their voices; especially Avry's sarcasm. She made me laugh and I could relate to her in some ways. Avry and Kerrick were fun to read about as Avry unknowingly chipped at Kerrick’s tough exterior. I had an idea of what would happen in the end but it did turn out a little differently than I expected. The end also screamed for a next book along with being labeled number one. I look forward to see what the journey holds for this new series. I see several books in the future.  


  1. I'm not always fond of Maria V. Snyder. Poison Study blew me away. It was by far my favourite read of the year in whichever year I read it. But Magic Study was just ok and Fire Study was verging on bad for me. As such, I have avoided her future releases... until now.

    The plot of this one really appeals to me so I'm hoping she's going to go back to her strengths of Poison Study!

    Btw, this is set the same world as her other two trilogies so I suspect that this will also be a trilogy.

    Happy new year! =)


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