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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Remembrance by Michelle Madow Review

Remembrance by Michelle Madow

Lizzie’s life changed as she knew it the moment she saw the new student Drew on the first day of school. She felt a connection with him like she knew him from somewhere but she couldn’t have. Lizzie’s best friend Chelsea took an interest in him and Lizzie was bothered by this. She couldn’t express her feelings because she didn’t understand them herself, not to mention she had a longtime boyfriend, Jeremy. Lizzie and Drew couldn’t fight fate for long before Lizzie had begun seeing flashes from their past lives. She realized they were connected deeper than she could have ever imagined; reincarnation.

This book had me completely entranced. I couldn’t stop turning the pages. Michelle Madow’s words flowed beautifully making it so I couldn’t put it down. It kept my interest from the very beginning and I love it when author’s can do that. There are some great books I have read but it takes at least one hundred pages before the book gets interesting and in that time I can get distracted. When the author completely has me from the very 
beginning I absolutely love that!

I also thought it was really cool that the book was inspired by Taylor Swift’s music video, Love Story. The author saw this video and created the story behind it. That is just awesome. I think if Taylor Swift was to read this book she would be honored. Taylor Swift created a magical music video and Michelle Madow expanded that magic into a whole story.


  1. I really enjoyed this book too! It was amazing :) Great review, I'm a new follower!!

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  2. I know I really can't wait to read vengeance! Thanks for the compliment :) and the Follow! I shall check out your blog now.

  3. Well, your review has really got me interested in this book! I'm going over to the author's website now to read the details on the $15.00 donation! Thanks!
    Maria @

  4. Happy to recommend awesome books :) yay thanks I hope you like it!!!


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