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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Nine Lives of Chloe king by Liz Braswell Review

The Nine Lives of Chloe King by Liz Braswell

Chloe is a normal girl until she turns 16 and dies falling off of a tower. When she wakes up alive after dying; she is freaked out. No one could survive that fall but there she is, alive. Then she discovers her strength and new speed. She is able to run long distances without getting winded. This was a big difference to the girl who avoided gym class.  Then there were the claws… Chloe discovers there are more people like her around the same time as she discovers she is in danger. Chloe’s entire life is about to change as she knows it.

The Nine Lives of Chloe king consists of three books; the Fallen, the Stolen, and the Chosen. Each book seemed slow until close to the end. The end is where the most action happened and gained the most of my attention. Once my attention was fully drawn in the book was over. I just wanted more throughout the entire book. I did find myself enjoying the last book (Chosen) a lot more than the others. The content seemed to be more satisfying and had more substance. The last book came together really well and wrapped up the series nicely. The books were interesting because of what the story was about. Mai are like cat people with scary claws, inhuman like reflexes.


  1. I like the series on television so I might just start reading the books. I know that the books are usually better. :)

  2. In this case I personally liked the TV series a lot better lol. who knows everyone is different, My friend really liked the books.


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