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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cast in Shadow Review

Cast In Shadow by Michelle Sagara is the first book in an intriguing series. I have never read anything like this before. The world she brings you into is very different. When I first began this series I really had to think to read it because it was a completely new world. With a new world I had to learn a lot. Now I know the world and it is easier to sit back and read without as much thought.  Don’t be discouraged though. Cast in Shadow is a really good book and so is the series.

Kaylin is a strong female character. She ran away from her past years ago and devoted her life to work for the law in Elantra. Now she is being confronted with her past and all the questions that come with it. One of those questions is about the marks that cover her body that have been there since she could remember.

This is a wonderful world holding plenty of action and adventure and even some mystery. If you are looking for an interesting read this is a good book and series to invest yourself in.


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